Chapter 24 page 10

mlai on Aug. 25, 2020

art by edbang, story by mlai, justnopoint and edbang

Oh my goodness, have I been negligent! We still have two pages in queue, and I haven't uploaded in quite a while.

I like to post on Wednesdays, but I forget and then sometimes on Wednesday afternoon I'm like oh I forgot! Let me post next week! and then 2 months pass… oy vey.

So a little update on where we are in the comic, we've been retooling the script for this chapter, and I have stopped working on the pages for now.

Hopefully it won't be long, and we'll get back on track.

Art: Well from what I remembered I got confused on how many layers and masks I was working on, so a lot of the foreground was a struggle. But I liked the masks method, so I'll work with it more until I get used to it. It feels like the methodology is getting more complicated, and more time consuming, but we are getting just a little bit closer to professionalism, and hopefully some consistency. Mlai suggested the poses on panels 1 and 2, and I think they work better than my comedic cartoon chibis that I usually do, so thanks mlai!

Story: I think we're a bit obsessed with lesbians on the writing staff. lol. We fall into that sad adage where when women collect, men think there is lesbianism… Of course we took it to a higher level by pretending we were doing a social commentary piece, but I doubt we are fooling anyone. We should get someone female on our writing staff… but alas the chances of that are like in the negatives. Anyhoo… one more page in the queue and then we wait for a mir-ackle and some script comes out, so we can draw more pages.

I'm planning to post the next page next week or whenever I remember to. Until then stay safe All!

drawn in the period of covid 2020 on a yoga book Lenovo YB1-X91F, windows 10, v1903, Clip Studio Paint Pro