Blitzkrieg1701 on Sept. 29, 2011

Well, more like “We Already Moved Several Months Ago.”  Yes, I'm sorry to say that I've packed up my toys and gone to play somewhere else.  “The Duck” (man, how is that MORE awkward than saying “Drunk”?) was deffinately a good place for a budding webcomic artist to start out, but the constant slowness and technical difficulties, not to mention the REALLY bad new layout, has just gotten to be too much. The SmackJeeves “mirror” had really already become the main site anyway, so I figured it was high time I made it official.
So, yeah, no more updates here.  I'm leaving all the old pages up for old time's sake, but if you're looking for any NEW stuff (and there's a lot of it!) go to the SmackJeeves site.
Just in case I didn't make that clear enough, Far Out There is now at:
See ya there!