09-06: Kaanis Flashback- Part 1

iagojester on Jan. 9, 2021

Finally! Kaanis' origin story! FINALLY!!!

I am fully aware, following story-telling devices set by myself over a decade ago, that this page should be in color since it is a flashback. But my tablet is too old to sync with my current laptop, so… no color for you. Maybe later.

Did you know the St. Patrick's Feast Day was invented as a half-way point between Lent starting on Ash Wednesday and Easter? It was decided that on Feast Days you could forgo your Lent aspirations and do whatever while still being chaste and forgiven during this holy season, so they plopped one down in the middle to give people a break. That is also why it's SUCH a drinking party day, despite St Patrick himself having absolutely nothing to do with beer. True story. 100% fact-checked.