120. Power Trip

usedbooks on Oct. 3, 2012

Dave and I were playing a space-based video game Monday, and the following conversation ensued:
VIDEO GAME: All power to the shields! Evasive maneuvers!
DAVE: We can't, captain! All power is in the shields!
ME: Okay. HALF power to the shields and HALF to the engines!
DAVE: But what about life support?
ME: Make it 40% to the shields, 35% to the engines, and 25% –
And then there's the medical equipment in sick bay. And what about
refrigeration for out food stores? And the cabin pressure? And–
Let's work up an algorithm to determine the best way to divide power in
order to give maximum power to the shields without compromising ship
integrity and be able to evade the attacking forces.

It seemed a little long for a comic strip. So, I made this instead.