033 - Walking

Xade on June 16, 2021

5/30/21 I was going to just have him walk off but then I realized he wouldn't know how and that I could show another dazed Zeep. So score one for dazed characters!

Since I went 3d it's been much quicker, and a little tricky to find a good camera pose that hides pose flaws but I'm getting there. I can now easily do 2 panels a day if I want.

I plan on moving back into Daz studio, but with my own characters, not someone else's. it's because of PWtoon, it really is an excellent render engine. I got some really great results. Check it out!

It's just a random character I threw together to relearn Daz Studio and PWtoon. I could do some things here and there but it's good enough for a crash course. I'll also have access to my massive library of stuff and might even recreate Marty for it so I can use some of the cute outfits I collected, but I doubt that, I very much enjoy Marty's look and can easily design outfits similar to the cutesy stuff for her.

Whelp, it's late and I need to fish out a Z so I can get some sleep. See ya!