Chapter 3 ...Lust and Blood: Page 9

gregoryfloch on Nov. 12, 2018

This page is hard to look at after the last one isn’t it? Everything’s so peaceful.

Anyway, chapter 3 is over. For a while this was the last chapter that was ever drawn. By this time the writing was on the wall…Hacking had been rejected and our previous webcomic publication had little popularity . Yet…the official reason Chapter 4 was delayed is a bit peculiar.

Floch wasn’t sure how to draw the internet.
…not that I didn’t wake up one day to those pages anyway.

Full disclosure: We originally were going to end here. Ch 3 was our last completed chapter, and I didn’t want to end with the incomplete ch 4. Most of it was done…save the last page. But due to our thankfulness for the recent feature, Floch was inspired to finish! So everyone,Ch 4 is next. It finally involves some hacking!

We are still unsure whether we will continue past that point. We have a script, but this chapter hasn’t even been drawn yet, and would require more commitment from the both of us. But if our numbers continue to grow, we’d be more than happy to bring you more Hacking!

-Finch (The Writer)