Japan Needs Heroes

Abt_Nihil on March 17, 2011

“Japan needs Heroes” was brought to my attention by perechon:

The artist ( Wayward Sons Legends ) has family in Japan, so he decided to create a comic to benefit the victims of the catastrophies in Japan. And he needs help of other artists like YOU, as it will be a co-production!

I´m sure, many of your readers will appreciate it, if you at least check it out and think some time about it!
I don't know if I can contribute personally, but for now, I just wanted to put this out there. If anyone of you is interested, or has an idea, feel free to discuss this here. Maybe we could even do a little community comic - I'm open for suggestions.

I'm as shocked and saddened by the events in Japan as I bet all of you are. I'm afraid that right now, logistics are their biggest problem - food, water and power can't reach the places where they're needed the most. Anyway, you probably know better than I do which organizations in your country (red cross, etc.) can use your donations. But again, suggestions are welcomed.

Also, the next HA page is in the coloring stage! Thanks for your patience.