Chapter Six - Page 160

jgib99 on June 23, 2008

Hello Quackers. Here's a brand spanking new page for ya'. Hope you like it. As you can see. Steve and Luke are about to catch up to Lucin…er, Rihanna. Of course, they don't know what's happening to her. But judging from the apocalyptic light show, they have a pretty good idea that they're heading into trouble.

The cameos for this page come courtesy of Antony from AQua_ng's webcomicking stroke of genius Naive. Aeric Summers from the insanely talented Hal Jones and his comic Beyond Human. And last but not least, Thomas Slugo from Warpedwenger's very entertaining comic Wakon Yosai. If you haven't seen these webcomics yet. Please check them out. They are quite good.

One more thing. I've just started a brand new webcomic called Hitting Rock Bottom With The Creedys. Its a change of pace from HU as this will be a full-blown comedy comic. So please check it out. :D I have just one page so far. But I'll have two more up this week.

I'll see you later on. Maybe sooner than you think. ;)