IOX Interlude #2 Ghostrunner

Xade on April 15, 2008

grin and spirit

After BlkKnight, do you really think I should learn not to mess with other artists? Nah!

I was puzzled on what the 4th Ghostrunner panel would be so I kind of skimped out on it. In return Ghost got 2 panels in his true form. ^_^. Did you get the joke on the type of “bandwagon” Ghost was on? If not, think about the colors, and the “wheel” I sampled the colors from a real picture.

I'm trying out Panel in Panel, I hope I did it right. I had fun on the last one. Yes, that is what I really look like but I don't that much hair, tho I can make my hair look like that if I style it right, nor is it normally down. I wear it in a ponytail 90% of the time unless I am going to a job interview then I give it body like that. We'll just say that it's from the effort of transforming back . . . yeah.

magicalmisfits, rmcool: thanks for the 5

BlkKnight: I know what you mean, it would be unfair to vote on your own work.

Ghostrunner: You're silly and I hope you like your cameo.

Hogan: Indeed, Can't wait to see if Ghost will do anything.

PS, I finally switched to photoshop, due to psp's annoying habit of freezing the brush on selections or ignoring the pressure of my pen when shading. It will take me a little longer than normal because I have to learn the ropes.