alecisonfire on April 20, 2008

I am SO sorry. I forgot I hadn't put this up.

See the thing is, I've gotten a new computer - this took some time to get right since I built it completely myself. This of course leads to inevitable errors. But it's okay now. As for my old computer, I was going to install linux on that one and do all my work / graphical stuff on that one… but uhhh I havn't managed to install linux. It doesn't like my computer.

I was meant to do the whole interlude thing for easter break - as I said I would over christmas. Thing is I've had a lot of distractions - not a very good excuse I know, but still one nonetheless. I'm afraid the world of gaming has a grip on me ever since I got a shiny new computer.

I shall continue with my comic during summer holidays - that's a promise! I'm not promising how often, except for at LEAST once a week ;)

Hopefully the other computer will be working then ):