Page 5: issues 6 (The Trial) and Special 2 (Sysyphus Part 2)

shastab24 on June 8, 2012

I'm putting together a crossover project to start next year, in the vein of the Crossover Wars. If you want to join, please e-mail me at or PQ me here.

Top page: Sparkle is NOT flipping the villain off in the first panel. I realized it looked like she was after scanning the picture. She's just tensing up from the pain. I realize the beam should probably still be red, but–is that a demonic duck? *runs away*
But this page does give you a little more information about Sparkle: her chosen name and her birth name. Plus, she's not shielded from psychic attacks (another thing the Hulk has over her). Also, that screen on the villain's laptop? I Googled “Greg Weston” and then copied my screen to get the image. So, there may be an ability to see some of the programs on my computer. As well as the fact that I run Windows 7. I'll never go with a Mac, since I'm unfamiliar with them and I love to word process, and also leave the option open for gaming (MUGEN, GameTek's Nomad, maybe City of Heroes if I ever actually get around to installing my copy). Anyways, I have now brought Sparkle to the same maze as Astral.

Bottom page: Now you see why I included Catnap. Tempore could have laid waste to the EOU's facility (though I don't think he'd be able to kill the Editor) and effectively prevented the Crossover Wars just by unleashing his power (in a move you saw way back in issue 2). But Catnap can negate any powers just by touch, so Tempore is neutralized. He doesn't seem like he can wrap his head around it, either.
But my favorite panel on this page is panel 3. It's not often I will try to draw something that really looks superheroic, but somehow it worked for Celine (despite her being a supervillain, not a superhero). I hope I got the effect of her dodging the blast down. Also, I gave her a physique more akin to women in superhero comics, with one exception: she's nowhere near as busty. I just couldn't justify a woman that thin with double-D size breasts. So she's modestly proportioned, but I think that makes her sexier, since she looks more like a real woman. Well, her hand doesn't look like a real person's, but I'm sure you understand.

Monday: the rules of the trial and Tempore is dealt with