Page 6: issues 6 (The Trial) and Special 2 (Sysyphus Part 2)

shastab24 on June 11, 2012

I'm planning a crossover project for next year, to run through many comics and hopefully be a lot of fun.  It will also be a benefit to help the Hero Initiative, a charity that helps comic creators in need.  If interested in participating, e-mail me at or PQ me on this site.
Top page: A little rule-stating here.  This may be a techno-psychic, not physical, contruction, but the characters still get their powers.  However, of course this has a twist, in that they can't use their powers to just bee-line to the exit.  Well, they technically could, if they could stand the pain and somehow didn't die from it.  But this page was easier to churn out, due to the simplicity.  Sadly, this did not mean I drew more other pages than usual (because I took the extra time to do other things).
Bottom page: I think Hogan might want to axe me after this page.  I have a few cameos in the first panel: Deception from Evil Overlords United (drawn by Ti-Phil), some dragons from Supermegatopia (by the Brothers Grinn), CameoComic in the midst of an invasion by the Evil Overlords (by Caitlin Woods), Ratatosk from the KAMics (by Keith Alan Morgan), Demona from Circle Arcadia (by Inmesit Imoh), a screen showing the missing bottle of WCA from Repository of Dangerous Things (by Amanda Hardy), a demon from another comic attacking a villaiger from Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan (by Reinder Dijkhuis), and an EOU “unstoppable” robot attacking Mindmistress (by Al Schroeder).  The last blob is intentionally white–Tempore has lost his knowledge of that much of the future, and the rest is fading away (like the Mindmistress image is starting to do).
I put in this bit because I knew Celine was going to read Tempore's mind, but his knowledge of the future could turn the tide of the Wars into the EOU's favor, and I didn't want that kind of plot hole.  Notice that Celine only sees glimpses and the assured outcomes seen are all victories for the EOU.  Therefore, she has no knowledge of alternate paths to take.
Also, this page can hopefully be more easily slotted into the Crossover Wars.  The Editor is leaving to grab Damonk, who will be the power source to their DRACO gates.  Also, Celine mentions a meeting she needs to attend, which is the one she's going to at the very start of Evil Overlords United.  Since Catnap wasn't at that meeting, he's going elsewhere, to do whatever he was doing at that time.  Meanwhile, Tempore is realizing a design feature of the EOU prison cells: no portals out.  I do like showing him without power, because he relies on it so much.  He didn't even lift a finger to get Max's hand off of him, because he was so stunned and felt so powerless.
Tomorrow: Astral and Sparkle encounter obstacles and Tempore deals with his imprisonment