lba on May 18, 2009

Rules of the condom game:

#1: Each player must pick 3 items. One of them must be condoms.

#2: The objective of the condom game is to get an unusual reaction from the cashier. A raised eyebrow does not constitute a winning reaction. The reaction must be significantly different than normal behavior to count. The winner of the round is the person who gets the biggest reaction.

#3: The condom game must be played at a large store such as Walmart, Target or Costco. Preferably as late at night as possible or during peak store hours.

#4: Once all players have gone through checkout, the game must move to a new store to ensure that proper reactions result. Additionally, if a player gets an especially significant reaction, the players must move to a new store or wait at least one hour to ensure proper reactions.

#5: You must wear the clothing you began the game with, and you may not change, add or remove clothes. Altering the clothes you are currently wearing is acceptable.

#6: No items other than the three you select in the store may be used. You may not bring any props or other objects to the cash register.

#7: You may say anything you wish to the cashier. But you may not make any actions to get a reaction. You must behave as normally as possible.

#8: Bonus points may be awarded for any especially unusual and/or hilarious item combination.

#9: If possible, it is advisable to have at least one player who is severely intoxicated. This will ensure maximum hilarity and protection from incarceration for the other players.

Now that you know the rules to the condom game, you too can go out after a hard night at the bar and play. Feel free to share any combination you think is a likely winner.