MWWT: Spaceman #1 pg24

barking_frog on Dec. 10, 2007

Thanks go out to everybody who's read along as I've posted Spaceman on the duck – and extra special thanks to DAJB, TheMidge28, and Rutger, who have been VERY regular commentators. (Much more regular than I've been on their projects, for which I am eternally shameful – I'll catch up soon guys, promise.)

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Caio did wonderful work on Spaceman #1, but he's had to raise his rates, and since I'm giving Spaceman away I can't afford for him to finish this story (there are about 30 pages left to go). I'm going to start looking soonish for somebody who can do approximately Caio's style, but within my budget. In the meantime, I've got a 16- or 17-page self-contained MWWT freebie story by Federico Dallocchio (Common Foe is unrelated to MWWT) and a 13-page preview of MWWT: Executive Matters by Caio, which is the story arc that pulls all this other stuff together – Executive Matters should begin going up on the duck in February and Wives and Lovers (Fede's story) immediately after that. Happy holidays!

freefall_drift: HA! Ironically the writing's been done for ages except for last-minute polishing and panel breakdowns – what I'm lacking right now is an artist. See above!

TheMidge28: I'm actually not sure what that's supposed to be – Caio's been drawing that little patch of something through the tear in Clark's sweatshirt since the beginning of the issue, but I never asked him what it was. I assume it's thermal underwear. It is not the space suit, but you can see Clark's space suit on page 2 if you look really really close.