The Spies Hide Out In Every Corner

Daf42 on March 9, 2006

Comic Title: Coldplay-Spies

Yes it’s true, we love Radiohead, and while we can’t wait for the next album we do sort of hope it’ll be the proper follow up to OK computer that everyone expected in 2001. It’s not that we don’t like the craziness of their most recent works, but guitarist Ed O’Brian does promise that each new album will “be more like the bends” and then everyone gets all excited, and then all confused, when some crazy electronic album comes out.

Back before KID A came out everyone pretty much had OK Computer’s follow up mapped out in their heads. It would include such great tracks, often played live but never released, as Nude, Man-O-war, True Love Waits and Reckoner. But a month or so before good ol’ RH started playing the likes of Everything in its right place and National Anthem on tour and Radiohead fans were kinda shocked, and the Music press were even more shocked when the album came out.

Needless to say Ed has made his usual “more like the bends” promise about Radiohead’s album that should be out later this year, and has a list of songs they are working on, including Nude and Reckoner. Let’s hope they make the final cut.