Off Hours Chapter 2 Page 27

dueeast on Jan. 3, 2010

And now we return to the Off Hours 4 and C.K., who has finally manifested his/her power(…perhaps the first of many?) I love Stephanie's non-reaction to it (as she reads “Atlas Shrugged”). Also, I don't think even C.K. knows how much his transformation to a woman has affected him…er, her.

Thanks to the following for giving permission for us to use their characters (or monster versions of their characters which they designed): Ron Bender from Magical Misfits, skoolmunkee from Abby Sanders: Lawyer To The Supernatural, Pitface from Putrid Meat, Azaeziel from Karen the Marilith, and bittenbymonk from The Uncanny Uper Dave.

Needless to say, on this page, Karen the Marilith is significantly out of character but then again, she's a demon, right? I guess that means anything's in character, potentially. But a six-armed woman as a bartender just seemed hilarious to me…

A slight explanation: originally, I was going to make a much more complicated story, with a different villain who had the ability to make monsters out of anyone or anything (including elements). However, that would have pretty much doubled the story and I didn't want to do that. So I revised the story significantly and it actually worked out better. So, to those of you who submitted monsters, I got most of them into this page, but I couldn't use all of them. My apologies…

Art by Artdude2002 from Danielle Dark. Script by me, Allen from Due East.