Off Hours Chapter 2 Page 28

dueeast on Jan. 24, 2010

Yes, folks, we did a Craving Control parody – on the alien world, no less! Here's hoping C.K. has Lalia's mystic metabolism..? o_0

Also, not to be completely enveloped by the silly, Thaddeus makes up his mind concerning his love priorities. I thought it would be good to show both of these occurring simultaneously to give some depth to the storytelling.

Truly top-notch art by Artdude2002 from Danielle Dark (who took weeks off from his comic to do these last 2 pages – and he has one more to go, so give the man some applause!) and script by me (Allen from Due East).

By the way, I was interviewed on The Villain's Corner last Friday. The MP3 is archived, so go have a listen and rate that site while you're at it, please.

And last but not least, WE NEED A FEW MORE ARTISTS to help finish up the last pages of Off Hours! We have pages from new artists coming, some of whom have been kind enough to do 2 pages, but we still need more! There will be approximately 46 pages in Chapter 2 (this is page 28) and artist-wise, we're covered for all but about 4 pages. So, if 4 artists could do 1 page each or 2 artists could do 2 pages, we'd be covered! Please email me at to help with this effort! Thanks. - Allen