Drunken Sailor

Ozoneocean on Jan. 26, 2006

Yes! I actually have an update for Pinky TA. The newest page is here: Main site.
It was Australia day yesterday too. I forgot. Go Australia!

Page description:
Pinky eats too much spicy food and drinks too much wine, along with everyone else here. Her and Captain Rasovich seem pretty chummy, but that’s what wine does to you. ^^

AAAAArghhhh Stupid silly crap! I just felt compelled to do this, maybe I was possessed? So embarrassing… There are some good things though: Cc gets her mouth burned, Detective Fork has a cameo, Pinky actually smiles for once, and they’re not all being so dreadfully serious.

A note:
Go to my main site for the latest work (27th January, 2006). I’m uploading one page a day with commentary and explanations here.