The morning after.

Ozoneocean on Jan. 27, 2006

Yes! I actually have an update for Pinky TA. The newest page is here: Main site.
I have a migraine headache right now, sort of like Pinky here, but without the disgusting poo/vomit problem and the justification of too much drink. :(

Page description:
Pinky wakes up feeling like crap. The sound of firing guns enhances that effect. She feels sick and evacuates the stuff from both ends… But unlike me right now, she slowly starts to feel better (I didn’t ‘evacuate’ from both ends either!). A shower further improves things. After that, she finds they’ve left her a better hat…

Last page of this episode! I was bad again and censored the shower panel :P
This page is ok, I like the colours here. The poo stuff was a bit much, but it’s only once so it’s forgivable I think. How many cartoon characters use the toilet anyway? Not many in a serious comic!
That’s it for me. Back to bed now.

A note:
Go to my main site for the latest work (27th January, 2006). I’m uploading one page a day with commentary and explanations here.