Ozoneocean on Feb. 3, 2006

Headache over, too much codeine in system…………….blargh

Page description:
Pinky reaches the shore in her S.S.V.5. It raises itself out of the water on its newly unfolded legs and goes walking of to its destination, with a bit of a clunky sound effect ^_^

When this page was first put up, the walking nature of the S.S.V.5 was meant to come as a bit of a surprise. It took ages to develop this beast properly, to work out where all it’s bits would go, what shape they all should be etc. I still get some of the angles wrong when drawing it.
It’s an interesting machine: The S.S.V.5 is armed with two 50 calibre linked Vickers machineguns and two rocket pods carrying 7 high explosive rockets each. It has quite a bit of frontal armour, the pilot sits in a reclining position and looks out of the windows through a pair of angled mirrors which double as protective armoured shutters. If those are closed the pilot is able to use a periscope- there are also periscopes in the upper hatch. The cabin is illuminated by red lights because red light doesn’t harm night vision; none of the dials and buttons in the cockpit are self illuminated so you need cabin lights in order to see them.
Most of the power needed for the machine to walk is provided by one diesel motor in each armoured leg. These serve to raise and lower the two lower leg rods on each side, causing the legs to move up and down. The shifting weight and balance of the legs makes the S.S.V.5 walk. These motors are also setup to provide the thrust when the S.S.V.5 is submerged and the legs are folded.
There’s nothing “robotic” about the S.S.V.5 at all… But then, what are “robots” if not mundane mechanical or electrical devices with animal like characteristics? Add computer control and something with half the functionality of a sewing machine is deemed virtually human.

Writer's challenge!
We’ve started up a weekly writer’s challenge in the forums. Each week writers try writing a short fanfic based on the characters of a DD comic we choose for that week. The first comic is Two Moons. See the details and entries here. It’s a fun way to practise your writing ^_^

A note:
Go to my main site for the latest work (27th January, 2006). I’m uploading one page a day with commentary and explanations here.