Cut in half

Ozoneocean on Feb. 4, 2006

Page description:
A guard is standing on a ridge, holding a great big light machinegun and nodding of sleepily… Pinky’s scout pokes up above the ridge and comes face to face (or rather armoured cab to face) with the daft fellow. She’s so surprised that she just flicks on the guns and slices him in two.
She didn’t expect anyone to be on guard like that. The sound of those heavy machineguns blasting away in the stillness of the night is sure to announce her for miles around.

There’s this idea that if you’re shot with a gun, you go flying backwards in reaction to the force of the bullet… Well, from what little I know of physics and from what a few of the experts have said; contrary to most computer games and Hollywood movies, hardly any movement is transferred –unless the bullets hit something hard, like armour or a helmet. In soft things they’ll just go through, turning the force into splatter and heat, especially great huge sharp 50 cal bullets at point blank.
So that’s the theory behind the 4th panel anyway… Remember though that shotguns and grenades, even hollow-point bullets, are a different kettle of fish.

Geez, the guy’s silhouette pose in the first panel is really quite stiff! For this page I wanted to retain a lot of the original sketchiness so I didn’t get rid of too much of the pencil lines, that’s why things are a bit rough here.

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