Ozoneocean on Feb. 7, 2006

Page description:
There Pinky goes, tromping into the main vehicle access passage. She encounters some troops and we see the underside of the S.S.V.5 as she cleans them up with her guns. In the next panel all you see is a hole through the sole of a boot as the S.S.V.5 walks on. As she rounds the corner, about to walk over a slain soldier, these guards catch sight of the advancing steel snout, the giant metal legs and the baleful red light; as if from the eyes of evil. They find it quite scary. The thunder of heavy machineguns in such a tunnel would terrify and deafen!
Pinky is already starting to have second thoughts. The carnage is becoming too free, too easy. But that doesn’t stop her shooting…

Well, well, well, The layout is a little monotonous, but it’s supposed to be. But that view in the third panel with the boot in it is ALL wrong! It’s a good idea, but the angle is way too high for it to work. A boot should look like it’s on the ground, not floating in the air! Needs a re-draw at some stage…
The other problem is Pinky’s face. It looks too different. I really liked the look so I kept it, even though it’s wrong. That blasting gun turned out well though. All my research into muzzle flashes paid off! Just white and yellow painting there, no dodge layer here.
-hmm, I tried looking at this site on a G5 Mac running some shitty version of IE explorer, the comment field was MASSIVE and the rest of the comments were spaced way down the page… Anyone else see this site looking like that?

Writer's challenge!
We’ve started up a weekly writer’s challenge in the forums. Each week writers try writing a short fanfic based on the characters of a DD comic we choose for that week. The first comic is Two Moons. See the details and entries here. It’s a fun way to practise your writing ^_^

A note:
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