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ozoneocean on Dec. 5, 2006

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So they're playing snap: Pinky Dave and Betty. It's boring and dull, as snap always is� And HOT. Pinky overdid it the night before and is really starting to feel it. As the others lull into distraction, Pinky thinks she see's a chance and quickly whips her hand down for the SNAP. But no: the only rack with a shell in it and it happens to be hanging half out� Pinky hurts her hand and stinky Bette gets the snap!

Jury duty cut my working time� I could have had something last week, but I didn't, sorry for the huge two week break guys. The case was a tawdry sexual assault thing, but really dodgy. Anyway, we found him guilty. It was great to see all the gear the barristers and judge wore, the robes and jackets were great and so where those 18th C style horsehair wigs! Being on a jury isn't fun though, it's dull and making a decision that seriously affects people's lives isn't exactly hard, but it doesn't make you feel very nice when you've made it, even if your believe it was right.

I'll have a huge response to all the last page's comments up here.