KevinClifford on March 6, 2007

Yeah… I'm probably gonna keep on changing it every time my … Skills increase, and stuff :D

…But, what does this mean? I'm apparently updating on Wednesday's now? The fuck? Only time will tell ;P

And now to quote myself for the past two times :O

Second Cover
Well, I decided to revamp it after I saw someone else make a PKMN FR/LG comic recently, and LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE MINE, but with Gary and Ashley on different Sides, so I decided, not liking the original cause its not up to my NEW standards, I'd remake it. On Sunday, I'm moving it to the #1 slot. So, be prepared. {I'll delete the old one, and replace this text with the text on that one.}

I like it as a GIF cause, then the BG's the BG I got as my Template!

This next quote is from what was on the old, original, Cover/Return thing.

Original Cover
Well, guys, DD's back and so is PH! YAY! Well I decided to remake the first ones {The Paint“ed” ones.} so that their all PhotoShop“ed” and stuff … Yeah … So … I got #'s 1, 2, and 3 redone! AND SINCE I'M STARTING ANEW I THOUGHT I'D TORMENT YOU ALL AND MAKE IT SO YOU HAVE TO WAIT 26 WEEKS TO GET TO #27 {Which would be the current for all you old readers.} MAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Yep! I'm still doing the Sunday schedule and all, but I'm restarting from #1 this Sunday and #2 next Sunday! HAHA! But its not like you guys don't like my comic and would hate me for this right? RIGHT!?!