#1 Wake Up! Part 1!

KevinClifford on March 13, 2007

..So, can you?

Yeah. This script is way better… So is the basic layout…

So… See you Sunday, I guess?

Original #1
And now the return of PH comics! YAYAYAYAYAY! Lets all go out and get pizza without me as I'm on my death-bed. I'll pay! Send teh bill to Glaven , 123 Fake Street, This place isn't real, FU, F8A8K-8E84 {Name - > Address -> City -> State -> Zip / Postal Code}! Hurry up offer only lasts till … NOW!

…Why, in God's name, did I say that?


Oh God, I feel horrible. I'm sick again, I was out of school yesterday too. I was sick the whole fucking weekend as well. (I had off Monday…) …I feel like I'm about to cough up blood ;-;

Oh, and hey, start voting for me on top-lists DAILY again, guys!