Madam Moriana & uncle Maho

Aurenna on Sept. 5, 2008

Dear Everyone!

Sadly, the computer problem is NOT sorted out; I was just lucky to be able to put up this page.
Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding, it really meant a lot to me. (That' s not even properly expressing how grateful I felt.)
My new computer is already here, it just still needs to be set up and this depends completely on my father' s schedule. The poor thing is extremely busy, as always at the beginning of September (he works at a school and basically has to set it in motion. Time table, hiring new teachers, teaching too, and putting up with all the teachers telling him they' d rather not teach in first lessons because they want to take their children/sick mom/sick uncle/sick dog to the proper place. No one wants to get up early). However, he managed to breathe a little life into my old compy. It sometimes runs normally, sometimes still freezes, let' s just hope it will be nice and work when the next page comes. *fingers crossed*

Meet Moriana, the owner of the fantasy house, a witch and teacher of Hazel, our main character. Also, meet uncle Maho, an old friend of hers; he' s suffering the consequences of a lifelong practice of witchcraft (hence his eyes). In this story, witches are magic-users who specialize in healing… and the rest will be explained with a World page, hopefully put up next week.

Hugs to you all, cakes, cookies, chocolate, or a nice stew if you don' t like sweets!