Beating Double Dudes

Adam Dravian on Jan. 6, 2019

And we come full circle to where the comic began.

I’m not sure what it says about the SN8X-verse that no one seems to bat an eye at there being a topless chick in a video game. I mean, that totally would’ve blown my balls up when I was a kid. Waaaaay back when Jessica first drew the pixel babe for page three of Issue 1, we had considered having her disheveled hair cover her nipples, but decided it would be a good thing to show some boobs early on in the comic so that readers would get an idea right away as to what kind of comic they were in for (a fucking rad as hell one).

Also, I know Jessica didn’t intend this, but it totally looks to me like the sacrificial babe is offering to give the Dude twins a couple handys as a reward before they go off and get those burgers. I know if I were a Dude Shinobi, I’d be totally insulted that I fought my way through a clan of satan-worshipping ninjas for a lousy handjob reward.