double duty!

royduncan100 on July 17, 2013

even with the back problems i have been busting ass! this is a quick look at some of art for the next issue. a few small changes. i have stoped doing the air brush tool for shading on the characters. it is now done with solid color. it gives it a little more of an animated look. also the character drawings are a little more cartoony. the next issue will not be posted on dd. it will be on sale online only. over the years i have given a lot of free comics to be read on dd. lets see if i can make a couple of dollars on this one. consider it a fund raiser sort of thing. if i make a few bucks on this one i can start doing comic cons as an exhibitor instead of a fan. in other words if i make money on the comic i will do conventions to promote the book and dd. of course i will invite other dd artist to set at my table with me. it worked out to be pretty damn cool when me, jay, and pam did the mid ohio con togeather. i don't really have any body to keep me close to home any more so why not do a few con's and let every body get a chance to meet the world's greatest ass hole live and in person!