Book one, page 9

bravo1102 on March 8, 2017

King Falkimir is a John Wayne figure with facial hair added with putty. He was originally created to be Colonel Kirby Yorke from the movie Rio Grande but when casting and needing someone who would become a great legendary hero…

But sometimes King Falkimir gets distracted by a pretty face? Or one that is tantalizingly half hidden under the brim of a hat?

A sorceress can do a sending rather than just a message to send by messenger. The sending is a mental message from sorceress to sorceress like an email it can have various attachments like images or complete documents. Sorceresses have eidetic memory so can retain exact images for a short time and through a sending transmit that exact memory to another sorceress. And a sorceress of course can convert that image or message into concrete form. Ain't magic wonderful?

Using “your grace” “sire” represent different practices from different backgrounds in this world and I'm going to try not to use them interchangeably with the same character. Bridget is actually from Brythia and Glorianna is from the Southern Island of Narthatheia so they are supposed to have different inflections and usage.