Chapter Two, Page 23

Net on May 1, 2011

Recent Updates :: May 2nd, 2011

Next Upate :: May 31st, 2011

Um, updates…

Congratulations to Hogan who won TTG's first mini contest! He will be receiving some artwork from Michelle! Stay tuned, there will be a new contest coming up in about 2 weeks. If you'd like to know when the contest is announced, join us on Facebook @, Twitter @!/ttgcomic or our e-mail distribution list at Yahoo Groups @ to get the word when the next contest is announced.

Michelle was a little behind schedule in March due to some work and family things that came up. And with page 23 being a bit longer than any page to date, it took her a just a bit longer than anticipated to get it done, but hopefully it's worth the wait ;) The next page is well underway and should be ready to go at the end of May! Poor, poor Aroni… hope your insurance is paid up, buddy, ‘cause you’re going to need it!

In webcomic news… even though Matt's other comics, Tales of Pylea and ToP: Crux ( are currently under a mini hiatus, you might still want to check in on things there soon. Matt and Humbug are well underway with another project that is CONSIDERABLY different from anything you've likely read prior to this. Also, Matt has found a fairly new webcomic that he's added to his reading list, and we will be adding it to our comic list as soon as the comic creator gets us a thumbnail. If you've ever had a child, ever have considered having a child, or are just curious to know what it's like to father a child, Christopher ( will give you a birds-eye view into the creator's life. It's an autobiographical comic, following the young married couple as they first learn they're pregnant, to recently announcing and then adjusting to life with the newest member of their family. It's also one Matt follows quite faithfully, and highly recommends.

See ya next time! :D