Issue One, Cover

Fly Hue on Sept. 9, 2010

I'll be frank here: I'm designing this comic as a promotional piece, meaning I'll be sending it in to publishers to show off my line work. So there's a slight chance I may make only a single issue of this. However, my feelings at the moment are that I'll actually keep interest in the story and will continue it just for fun, especially if it is well received. :) At the moment I have the entire first issue penciled (which is a real shocker, since I usually just jump straight to ink) with a few pages already inked. I anticipate having the entire first issue inked by the end of the upcoming week. I intend to color the pages in the near future and am currently debating as to whether I plan to upload the final versions. Right now I'm leaning towards a yes, primarily because many of the backgrounds are looking as if they will be all color. We'll see.

About the actual story: My aim is to make this a child accessible story with out underestimating their maturity (so hopefully it will appeal to adults as well). One of my foremost priorities in this will be to make the story easy to follow, so apologies in advance if it's too simple at times.
The story will be a traditional adventure tale, but I'll do my best to deviate from being too “cookie cutter.” ;)
Because the target audience is children, self-censorship is something I'll be bringing up often. To start I'll make mention of the title itself. I had considered that perhaps ‘Anarchy’ may be too radical of a concept to make mention of, so that I might cut down to only “Lady Adamantine and The Torchlighter”, but I eventually figured that kids are more hardcore than we give them credit for. Lo! The title stays!

I think that's all I have to say right now, so Enjoy! :) And your input is always valued!

(edit: Ugh! Horrible resolution! I'll be sure to get a higher quality scan up later.)