Thank you

Theskunktrainer on Dec. 6, 2009

and so it ends. My parents emailed me too late to get on the last page ( a response page updated late on Sunday if you missed it!)
but they said they liked the comic etcetera.

My dad wrote in part,
“What an interesting way to get people to think about a subject. I'm curious what your position is on the subject? Maybe if there was a wider range of people responding to your questions, a greater variety of answers may have drawn out what you're looking for.”

My mom said, in part:
“I thought it was very funny, and probably valid when you said that I thought that Richard Stockton could do no wrong…

-Also true that you said that history is presented the way we want it to be, sometimes.
I laughed at that….very true! Because, actually, we are descended from Richard Stockton's brother, who later ”defected“ to Canada, and fought against his brother.
Ha Ha…did I forget to mention that?!
Anyway, great report…very thought-provoking. Even though I don't share your ideas or ideals,
you bring up some very interesting points!”

I thought the thing about Richard Stockton's BROTHER was really funny. Just goes to show: I don't know how to read family trees! I have been misconstruing my narrative without even knowing it! haha

ps thanks for Emily Rose to always talking to me about the project! It helps a person keep sane. ;)