They Hate Us For Our *BELCH*

Gordon on Sept. 17, 2006

Sorry,it's been a while.

There are 2 reasons…

1. The other comic I work on (a lot harder than this one) was getting behind.

2. I found myself often angry and not in a humorous mood towards our leaders.

The debate over torture and disappearing of people we allegedly picked up for terrorism goes on.

Secret prisons, unethical treatment and show trials are now being defended across the nation as if we need to give up the ideals that America was supposed to be based on to prevent terrorists from forcing us to give up the ideals that America was supposed to be based on.

There's a lot of articles you can link to about this. Most are written as if the choice to treat people as subhumans is a viable option, and I guess you'll have to decide if you like your tax money spent in this manner.

I don't. I tend to think that nothing shows our enemies that we won't budge from our belief in freedom than actually being free and treating everyone humanely.

Oh yeah, just so you know, there is no reported evidence of the tortures we put people through having actually prevented any terrorist attacks. Think about that for a few minutes, too.