Gertrude & Brunhilda 74

KAM on Feb. 24, 2007

Can you tell at which point I switched to a new inking pen?

I used to love Pilot Razor points. They were a good dependable pen with a thin line that I used for years before my last ones started running out of ink.

After not being able to find them for years I discovered they still made them, although they changed the shape of the pens, & and I think they changed the ink as well since it produced a thicker line & tended to spread a little more. Also they run out of ink faster.

Not sure what I'm going to use after this final one goes. I do have a couple of Sharpies, but those things stink to high heaven. They should call them Stinkies instead. Bleh!

Ah, well. Starting this week I'll be switching to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule because I'm going to be crossing over with with a comic that updates Monday/Wednesday/Friday & I figured it would be easier that way.

The crossover should begin Thursday or Friday.