marcorossi on May 21, 2023

This is the end, my only friend, the end!

I'm happy to conclude this comic, but also a bit melancholic: it took me 7 years to draw this, and thinking that this was the last page/picture made me sad, so it took a lot of time to draw the last picture.

Anyways, stay tuned: in a few weeks I'll start my next comic.
The name will be “Kller Ape Theory”. The plot is this: in the future, a group of newborn is sent on a completely automathized space station (perhaps on Mars, I'm not sure) and they are raised by robots so that they never come in contact with violence. This is a social experiment to create the perfect humanity. 100 years later a spaceship comes to the space station to take there some replacement part, and discovers what kind of society exists there.