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rickrudge on July 28, 2023

To Apply Stickiness

Our hero, Drako the barbarian is asked to accompany his, Harsova and his daughter, the witch, Mir to the Jushi kingdom in western China. There, they meet the goddess deity, Magu and also the Chinese swordsman, Monster Sword Quan.

To apply stickiness is a sword technique based on Miyamoto Musashi’s “A Book of Five Rings”

“When the enemy attacks and you also attack with the long sword, you should go in with a sticky feeling and fix your long sword against the enemy’s as you receive his cut. The spirit of stickiness is not hitting very strongly, but hitting so that the long swords do not separate easily. It is best to approach as calmly as possible when hitting the enemy’s long sword with stickiness. The difference between “stickiness” and “entanglement” is that stickiness is firm and entanglement is weak. You must appreciate this.”

Although this is rated “M”, these comix (as is most of my stuff) is meant for mature readers only. It contains violence, drug use, nudity and sexual conduct and is not “Office Safe”. However, if this story is for you, I hope that you enjoy it.