Issue 1# Cover

Andreas_Helixfinger on April 15, 2023

And here it is! The seventh comic set up and ready to update as soon as I got more of a script to go^^ I wrote in a forum post that this was gonna be a sci-fi horror.

But to be honest I'm not sure how well I'm gonna hit the horror part of it. The monsters, the C-leaks, are based on this old drawing I made from way back in 2016 that I recently rediscovered trying to come up with a unique looking monster to feature in this monster shoot-em up kind of story.

And funny enough it wasn't until I finnished the outlining of this cover that I realized that–yeah, this is basically about litteral poop monsters attacking as I'm sure you can tell by the cover:P

This is probably gonna be a lot sillier then I imagined it to be, but screw it, I'll roll with it anyway. At least I think I made the sci-fi action part come across visually.

From here we'll see what I'll update next odd week. Leaving it a surprise. Til' next time.