kittygrl on May 29, 2008

Hello all… o-o ZOMG IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! MY COMIC THAT I'M DRAWING!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! LET'S ALL HAVE A PARTAH!!!!! *confetti comes through ceiling and alcohol appears, random music plays* Ok enough of that… Moving on… Well this took a really long time so thanks you all for putting up with me ^^ lol. Anywayz critism is allowed (but not mean critism! Nice ones!) Like any advice on to how to improve my drawing skills would be apprecitated so very much! And hope you enjoy it!

When Natasha's talking
When Kaion's talking
When Euron's talking

Natasha belongs to me
Kaion belongs to Kaion (Wow that was really obvious XD)
CJ belongs to Euron

{This comic is also based off of the show Static Shock}