Swimsuit S-b-S: final colors

ladyranozenth on Oct. 12, 2007

This image(1st of three) is for the Beauty Contest that was on the front page newspost a while ago.
So, this is the final color version.
I changed her hair, because it looked out of whack, and I like it a little more. I also colored the back, and the final has no lines there. A little experiment, and it turned out okay.

I didn't end up working on this as soon as I wanted because:
1. I'm super lazy in the summer. I'm lucky if I do five minutes of work. I'm surprised I actually was working for so long through the summer as it is.
2. I finally settled into a rhythm with my new classes, and actually have time to play/draw again. AP Calculus is rough on one's schedule…

By the way, since I need to have 10-20 samples(art) for my portfolio for my application, I'll probably be posting a whole lot on deviantart in the next couple of days. So if you want to check those out, drop by my deviantart account @ http://ladyrenozenth.deviantart.com/
Between now and the end of the month, I hope to finish enough pieces to apply with, so if you're lazy, you could look at them all at once by checking around that time.

EDIT: I forgot to color her eyes, and I messed around with her face and the bg.


Sorry I took so long to update :C

Thanks for rating, I'm glad you like my work.

I guess it's because of the shoulder-sashy thing. Most of the time with beauty contests, they give one of those, a crown, and (probably) flowers to the grand prize winner. But I'm not grand prize, either.
You know, I only realized the prize-acceptance pic was only required for the top ranked characters, instead of everybody…after those got posted. Oh, well. That pic looks nice. One of the rare times I actually shade.