Chapter 2, page 2

Tantz_Aerine on May 4, 2011

And though our Brit hasn't said his name, by invoking Martha's he allowed Fotis to put two and two together and present his case to Father Yiannis.

And I'm not sure it's obvious, so what F.Yiannis means about them being ok if the blood is covered, is that hauling around half fainted people that look ready to die was typical in famine-struck Athens, and nobody batted an eyelid at such sights. Thus, just covering the blood lowers the risk of attracting unwanted attention from whoever is foolish enough to be outside while a block is taking place…

Argh, this page somehow took forever… and I'm in a love-hate relationship with it for various reasons.

So I'd planned to give you some fun factoids about this tiny little church that is right next to Athens' Orthodox Cathedral but I'm too tired, and I'll get another chance to do it next page.

I hope you are enjoying the backgrounds… because they kill me. They do.