PWITM Contest #15: Slimredninja's cameo!

dgriff13 on Feb. 5, 2009

Another congrats to our friend slimredninja! Hope you like your tribute to Morning Squirtz and Slim Red Ninja!

I'm sure most of you have basked in the glow of the raunchiest good time ever, A.K.A. Morning Squirtz. Every update amazes me, and I've even helped bring a couple to life! If you're 18 or older (with a strong stomach), go check it out!


A little news. Okay BIG news. Z&F's official site is almost ready to launch… well.. officially! Fine-tuning some things, but hopefully starting next week I'll be updating there AND here. However, there will be more goodies over there, to lure you over, mwahahaha. Maybe even an extra update! So, keep this in mind.. be ready to add another RSS or bookmark, because this site is the real deal!