kerning city party quest

zealotjohn on June 22, 2009

to get in tho you must have a party of 4 lvl 21-30 members and the NPC for the party quest is next to the sewers near the middle bottom of kerning city map

(note that the EXP reward is given to you as you complete each stage, you don't get it all at once.)

item reward list
-Lightning Earrings
-Star Earrings
-Red Cross Earrings
-Gold Earrings
-Sapphire Earrings
-Emerald Earrings
-Brown Bamboo Hat
-Blue Bamboo Hat
-Green Bamboo Hat
-8 Ores (ones that aren't rare, such as Steel or Topaz)
-5 Ores (not very common or rare, such as Gold)
-3 Ores (rare ones, such as Black Crystal or Diamond)
-Scroll for Gloves for DEX (10%)
-Scroll for Overall Armour for DEX (10%)
-Scroll for Topwear for Def (10%)
-Scroll for Bottomwear for Def (10%)
-Scroll for Helmet for Def (10%)
-5 Sets of Subi Throwing Stars
-2 Sets of Wolbi Throwing Stars
-1 Set of Mokbi Throwing Stars
-30 Screws