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Civil War Discussion: General

Just the general chat about the DrunkDuck Civil War event!


I'm With Riot

Discuss being with Riot and how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel powerful? Do you agree with not Registering? Do you register your mom?


I'm With Zac

Talk about how Zac has long hair and needs to eat food. Do pretty boys win? Why does he have a soul patch and a ballet shirt?


I'm With ???

You know you're with someone. But if you need time to decide, feel free to discuss how soon it will be until you side with someone.


Registration Act: Rules and Regulations

Rules on how the Civil War will work.


Sketches and Dial-up killer

Are you a superhero? How can you help? Rules Pending.


Your Title Here: A Drunk Duck Civil War Event

Start getting even MORE involved than just choosing sides and telling Zac that you\'ll register his mom! Start doing your Civil War Tie-In comics and posting the links HERE so Zac and Mr. Riot can keep track and start building a checklist to plug everyone\'s webcomics!


DrunkDuck Civil War Wiki Project: Lead by HPKomic

A great idea, brought to you by hpkcomic of and several comics on DD.\r\nBasically it\'ll help every out in the long run, providing character descriptions, location descriptions, and plot summaries for what has happened thus far.


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