I Am The 1337 Master interviews DarkGesen of Gesen!
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This interview is of DarkGesen, whose comic is Gesen!

(Interview by I Am The 1337 Master!)

1. So tell us a little about yourself “Dark Gesen”.

I'm a 12 year old boy who has white spiky hair. I let my home in the hopes of becoming a Champion, and (more importantly) this girl who keeps appearing in my dreams -

Oh, you mean me?!

Well… there's not much to say really. I'm a juvenile fast approaching adulthood. Something I'm not looking forward to.

I love drawing comics and reading comics. I also enjoy videogames, though my enthusiasm for the gaming has died down a bit and has been transferred to the comics department.

I'm actually a Lizard. Many people believe me to be human, but this is something I've gotten used to over the years.

However I will say that in a few chapters my username will have more siginificance…

2. Your comic has a chibi-manga style base to it. Are there any artists or mangas that you believe have influenced you to develop this style?

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't influenced by other mangas.
To name a “few”
Eiichiro Oda's One Piece. Number 1 influence for me.
Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball (Not Z, I haven't got up to Z yet)
Gosho Aoyama's Case Closed/Detective Conan
Kentaro Yabuki's Black Cat. Awesome.
Nobuyuki Anzai's MÄR

…. and Naruto.

3. Are there any webcomics that made you start doing one of your own that you would like to mention here?

Well, I was drawing long before I even knew what webcomics were, so there weren't really any that inspired me to start my own.
I did read Megatokyo for a while (The printed version, however).

4. The addition of color to your comics seems to improve the quality tenfold, is it harder to produce the colored pages and do you believe the work is worth it?

It is harder to make coloured pages, but when making them I focus on the end result, and that helps. Also, when you look at colour compared to my black and white, the black and white ones seem empty. That's only really the case for me, there are loads of other comics (here and other places) which are black and white and do it really well. Guess at the moment I'm not one of them. XD

5. To be stupid and randomly throw a question at you that doesn’t make much sense at all, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream and why?

Vanilla, it's the only flavour I eat. I'm pretty boring when it comes to eating and trying new flavours and stuff.

6. To get us back on track because I really wanted to throw that last question at you for no reason whatsoever, who is your favorite character from Gesen and why?

Hmmm… at the moment my top two are Asuna Kyuno and The Kid in the Black Suit (that's a temporary name, he claims he's coming up with a better one).
Kid because he's stupid. Stupid heroes are the best. Goku and Luffy to name a few.

Asuna because… she's carrying a lot more pain than she lets on. She's more of an anti-heroine who does things her own way. So of the two of them it'd be Asuna.

7. Will Gesen ever have an end to the story and if so do you have any future projects planned?

Hmmm… Gesen is going to go on forever.

I do hope to end it someday (hopefully not anytime soon), however I have planned out the next couple of sagas. Not entirely sure what I'd do after that.

But I do have stuff that I'm working on now(!)

I'm redrawing the archives for Gesen because to be honest, they're awful. I should have done something sooner, but I didn't really have the means or resources.
At the end of this saga for Gesen I will première a One Shot I've been planning out (unless I decide to cancel it.)

8. This Character looks like Gaara?!! (panel one)

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Who's Gaara?

Nah, I know who Gaara is (unfortunately) but I didn't intend for Crisis (the character in question) to resemble him. In colour, you'll see that he's actually albino. (White hair, white skin, pink eyes). Why? Because he was born that way. More on that in the future.

9. What tools do you use to make the comic?

I used to use mecha pencil and paper, then type up the text on this free online software called It wasn't all that great. It was espcially irritaing when i accidentally hit the “Back” button on Chrome without saving the page.

For then, after Chapter 17, I started using an A4 book and pens, and in between the end of chapter 19 and beginning of 20 certain… things happened and I got a pen tablet and Photoshop Elements 8.0.

Though I'm hoping that by the time Chapter 20 is finished I will have Manga Studio 4, so I'm looking forward to that.

10. I personally like to pay attention to little details and the wood paneling in some of the pages seems to be a long process. So is it?

That wood took forever.

11. How annoying is I am the 1337 Master (answer at your own will and life/death)?

Annoying? No.
Crazy? Yes.

Don't get me wrong, that can be a good thing.

Also he can speak l33t. (You can speak l33t, can't you?) I mean, how many people can do that?!

12. Is there anything else you might want to say to the people Mr. Gesen (or Ms, or Mrs. Or something ‘cause I don’t know…or do I…)?

(It's Lord…)XD

I will say this. For those of you like me who constantly seek to be better, don't try to be better than anyone else. Try to be better than yourself.

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I really like the last comment, well the bit before the barrel roll thing.
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