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Need artist for Forum Fighters! Great Practice!
Mettaur at 7:58AM, June 14, 2010
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I do have a artist for the comic, but sadly his work takes enourmos time, not quick enough for the forum game part of this. So I would like to ask, rookies and veterans alike, to help draw for the game. Draw the warriors in the beginning, half-way through the fight to show who is winning, and then a kill-scene for the ending!
Been years since I was here. I've been at rehab since. So uh. Yknow, things got interesting.
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I Am The 1337 Master at 2:31PM, June 14, 2010
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meaning don't count on it entirely.
meaning give up now.
meaning oh yes of course I can fit that in and I'm not lazy at all.
so meaning maybe.
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Genejoke at 3:54PM, June 15, 2010
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This is something I have considered for a while. Sadly I have too many things on the go right now but as some are short term projects, once they are done I may well be able to assist you.
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