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The S.S.V.5
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The SSV5 is Pinky's deadly armoured mecha. The name stands for "Special Scout Vehicle 5. It's a prototype machine and there were only 5 of them ever made. The other 5 aren't in active service, Pinky's is the only one that has ever seen combat. The SSV5 is armed with twin 50 cal Vickers machineguns, and twin rocket pods that each fire 7 unguided high explosive rockets. The cab and legs are armoured like a tank and the viewing window features a periscope like arrangement of mirrors that double as armoured shutters for extra protection. The SSV5 is able to travel by walking on land or as a submarine with its legs folded. It has a Diesel engine in both legs that drive the leg struts up and down in order to power the walking, they also contain turbines for the underwater locomotion.

Two legged mechs in fiction are quite common. This had lots of influences; the AT-ST (or whatever) from StarWars, Ed 209 from Robocop, the Zentradi battlepods from Robotech/Macross, all the various mechs in games like G-nome, Battletech etc, etc…

Click the pics below to go to the SSV5 gallery:

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