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Magical TA--Pinky Mania The Crossover Script.
Aurora Moon at 10:54AM, Feb. 6, 2007
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This is actually an rough script I wrote up for an crossover project between me and Ozoneocean… the fhinshed veision when he fhinshes with it in the future may have a much different script, but this is actually the basic idea.

just a preview into what you might see in future pink skin! enjoy. ;)

Pink Skin: A Case of Mistaken Indenity

Main Characters: Camilla And Pinky

(main pilot idea: What if Both of them Had body doubles for stunts and also for the days when production had to go on? you know, like what they do for movies and such. and what if they ended up at the wrong studio by mistake, and people there thought they were the body double of each other, due to the pink hair?) oh, and don't mind my bad spelling. ^^;; also feel free to edit some of the diolngue.

“CRAAP!! I'm LATE!” Both Females thought outloud at the same time, as they turned around the same corner, only to litterally bump into each other.
They both fell to the ground, dropping the notes that they had.

“Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there…” Camilla got up first, brushing herself off. She looked to be about 17 years old, with pink hair and light violet eyes. Her hair was slightly just much darker than Pinky's. And she was dressed in a simple blue tank top and Deimin skirt, with baby blue shiny, waterproof boots that she seemed to like wearing all the time, even though it seemed like they were suited better for wearing on rainy days. she was also fairly pale, and seemed like an typical American girl with the expection of the impossibly long pink hair.

Camilla then reached her hand out to pinky, which pinky took. She helped pinky up.

“Well, you should watch where you're going!” Pinky grumbled, reaching for one of the notes on the ground that she assumed to be hers.

“Hey man, I said I was sorry, no need to get so snappish! oh man, I'm seriously late to work thanks to you!.” Camilla huffed angrily, as she reached for one of the notes as well.

With that, they just looked at thier notes, not realizing that they had each other's notes.

Camilla's note read out an adress leading to an studio 54. Pinky's said Studio 40.

With that, they just gave each other one last glance, and ran off in spereate directions.

Camilla thought: “Man, that lady with the wild-looking hair and the revealing clothes were seriously rude! Honestly, they'll hire anybody nowdays!”

Pinky thought: “what is the DrunkDuck Company thinking? That young girl seems too wet behind the ears to ever work properly as an Actress in comics! honestly, they'll hire anybody nowdays!”

Finally, they both arrived at thier respective studio.

Pinky stepped inside Studio 40, and took a look around. She was somewhat confused, as seeing the sets looked massively different than last week. The set seemed to be modeled after a school building, instead of the usual ships and the ocean scenery.

“What is this? Did they change the script without even telling me? Man, just my luck…” Pinky thought to herself.

“Hey, you!!” A japanese girl with light blue hair and blue eyes (most likely contacts) waved at Pinky.

Pinky walked over to her, curious as to what the girl wanted. “Yeah, what do you want?”

The japanese girl smiled at her, and then said, “You must be Camilla's body double, obvously. I'm Duplitica, but you can call me Duppy. I play as one of the best friends as you obivously know. The silly fool seems to be late, which is totally unlike her. But we're behind sducdle, so you need to suit up and fill in for her until she arrives, okay?”

It was then Pinky realized that she had picked up the wrong note. “Shit! I picked up the wrong address!”

She was about to tell Duppy that there was an mistake, but Duppy cut her off by yelling out for the director to come over. An female director came over, and then noticed Pinky. “Aha! good, you're here. Hmmm. Funny, I thought Camilla's body double would had been younger. you look a little bit old.. oh well, you'll do for filling in camilla's postion until she arrives.”

Pinky made an annoyed expression at the comment of her looking old, and were about to tell the director that there had been an mistake, but once again she was interrupted… this time by the makeup and wardrobe crew people dragging her away.

Meanwhile at Studio 54, Camilla was in an simlar situation, although she wasn't as quick to realize the situation like pinky did.

“I don't know what is going on,” Camilla said to one of the warobe people, as they were helping her dress in an outfit that was an exact replica of Pinky's, “When did the writer change the story from an magical girl series to one of an war at sea?”

The warobe people had no clue what Camilla was talking about, so they just shrugged and moved on after they were done.

Camilla then went over to an chair clearly labled “Pinky”, and sat down to ponder what the hell was going on.

But her thoughts was distracted as Jirel came over to her, and causally remarked, “Hi. you must be Pinky's body double. I must say, you look a little bit young to be filling in for her.”

Camilla wondered who the hell pinky was, not even once thinking of that rude, wild-hair woman. She also wondered who the hell this woman next to her was. She was also annoyed at the assumpation that she was a body double, rather than an serious actress which she had been for a while. she hadn't been a body double for such a long time.

“For your information, I'm not just some nameless body double! I'm an serious actress… I'm Camilla!” Camilla said, crossing her arms. “And who are you?”

“ooookkkaaayyy….” Jirel just raised her eyebrows. she couldn't help but think: Jeez, young people nowdays seemed to think that they were all that. Who does this person think she is? Jirel haven't even heard of her before….

Back at studio 40, pinky was in total agony.

The warobe people had crammed pinky's body into an small blue dress.then had her wear an corset that actually seemed to be made out of gold. The damned corset was pratically squeezing her lungs and her poor ribs!

Pinky couldn't see how any sane woman could actually want to wear such a restirctive outfit, much less be able to breathe in it.

and the worst part was, they also made her wear high heeled boots that also seemed to be made out of the same gold metal. so now her poor feet was now suffering as well.

They were now styling her hair into an strange-looking ponytail hairstyle, and painting some golden symbol on her forehead that oddly made her think of an cartoon that she had seen on TV a while back… although the symbol wasn't exact.

And then they pretty much dragged her over to the set, where there was other actors and actresses waiting.

There was an handsome blond boy with green eyes, an blonde woman in an odd leather outfit that had those red eyes. Pinky couldn't help but think the red eyes made the woman look downright creepy, and wondered if that was contacts or real.

The blond boy walked over to her, and then smiled at her in an rather suggestive way. “Well, I haven't seen you around…. and I make sure that I know every beautiful woman on this set. What's your name? I'm Rani. You know, The god of love and sex?”

Pinky snorted. “Rather sure of yourself, huh? I see you aren't the humble sort.. I'm Pinky.”

Rani just smiled. “Hey, it's the truth. That's who I play. And over there is Lanmza, who'll be playing the Dark Queen who we have to fight against. personally, I think she's a little cuckoo. she seems to be a pyromaniac… she tends to love blowing up things way too much.”

Pinky then looked over at the blonde woman that rani pointed out, and Lanmza was talking to the director.

Lanmza was looking at the director with what seemed to be puppy eyes, pleading: “ oh come on, not even a little fire? Just let me blow up some things this scene… having my ass handed to me isn't so much fun… and I want to at least enjoy myself. You do want me to act at my best, don't you?”

The female director sighed. “We've been over this before. it costs an fountune to rebuild the destroyed sets! so no explsions this scene….”

Lanmza's pleading expression suddenly switched over to that of an preadoary look. “Oh, that's too bad… and here I was thinking that tonight we could do that thing you like to do so much…” with that, she rubbed her body up against The female director's body in an rather suggestive way.

The director became flustered, blushing slightly. “Well… maybe just a small explison wouldn't hurt….”

Pinky let out an disgusted noise at witnessing this.
Rani: “Of course, that explains why we often get shafted when it comes to scenes. there's so many actors and actresses who ‘died’ without even barely putting up an fight in the scenes because the director tends to favor her and her ‘speical’ talents.”
. (instert some comment here, which I can't think of pinky to say).

At studio 54:

Camilla was pratically turning into an human poplsicle on the set, thanks to the blasted fan which was simluating gusting winds.
She was so cold, even her nipples seemed to be permantly rock-hard, and noticable though her shirt.
even her poor exposed butt was freezing. that throng was making her feel like she was being fingered, which was a very odd feeling.
in fact, she was attemping to tug at the throng and covering her butt at the same time… without bringing attention to herself.

She blushed when a few men made a few whistles and comments directed at her.

However, she bore it as much as she could, and acted out the scene as the male director was telling her to do.

She “sneaked” up to an french army base, and then with some diffculity pulled out an large, rocket thingy like she saw in war movies. She then held it up like how she saw the men in the movies do it…

“CUT!!!” The director yelled. The director then walked over to Camilla, and then yelled at her: “What's the matter with you?! you were holding the AT4 Rocket Lancher backwards! and the way you handled it was way too clumsy! Didn't they train you in handling the weapons correctly? come on, let's do it again…”

Her second attempt wasn't as fruitful, and so then the director dediced to have her go up to the french base in the Mecha instead. However… there was an problem. She had NO idea on how to make the robot move. And she was a little bit too embrassed to ask somebody else how to make this thing move.
“Mmm, maybe this green button?” Camilla thought outloud, as she pressed it.

To her surpise, she was Ejected, and sent flying into the air in an comical fashion. “Oh, that was the eject button..”

The director just slapped his forehead. CC was there witnessing this scene. She then laughed. “I didn't think there was anybody who could stupider than pinky herself!”

studio 40:

Pinky had given up trying to tell the people that they made an mistake, and dediced to do the scene for the hell of it.
After all, if that wet-behind-the-ears girl could do it, she could do it, right?

“I have more expernice at this than you,” Rani was saying to her in the scene, “So you take on the zombie and I'll take on the Dark Queen!”
Pinky just nodded, not knowing what the hell she was supposed to say in this scene.

Rani went on and did an swordfighting scene with the Dark Queen, while pinky and the zombie stood by watching as seeing the cameras weren't even on them.

“Now you're next!” The director was saying to pinky. “Okay, I want you to do the Shaolin Long Fist style when defeating the zombie. oh, and do it gory as possible! we don't want to dispoint our readers!”

“HUH? Excuse me, but I don't even know what Shaolin Long Fist is..” Pinky said.

The Director sighed. “Well, what kind of Kung Fu do you know? Tai Chi, dragon style, Bak Mei, or Pa kua Chuan?”

Pinky shook her head. “I don't even know kung fu.”

“WHAT!” The director bellowed. “How do you expect to be an aqueduate body double for Camilla when you don't even know any of the styles? Camilla can do all of those styles, and more!”

Pinky couldn't help but feel slightly amazed. And to think that that girl looked so innocent, naive and defenseless when she first bumped into her…

one hour later:

“Get out of here, you're fired! you're the worst body double and stand-in that I've ever seen!!” Both directors yelled, as both Camilla and Pinky was simluatieously kicked out of both studios.

Pinky was covered in shoot, and her hair was sticking out in all directions in a rathe messy way. there actually seemed to be smoke rising off her.
Camilla was competely soaked to the bone, shivering.

They walked over to where they bumped into each other, and then they looked at each other.
Pinky: “what was with the dress with the corset? do you actually like wearing that outfit?”

Camilla: “ Well, I'm actually comfortable in that dress, even if it does have a corset made out of metal. I just like it tight… But what's with YOUR outfit? How can you manage to be comfortable in this outfit in an windy, sea scene? I was pratically freezing my bum off!”

Pinky: “Hey, it gets me more male fans. What's with that crazy blonde woman who likes to blow up everything? She's impossible to work with!”

Camilla: “Oh, the dark queen. yeah, she's a little bit of a loon. What's with that girl named CC? she's a total bitch!”

Pinky: “No arguements there. By the way, your studio number is 40.”

Camilla: “Thanks. your's 54.”

With that, they passed each other and back into thier own rightful places…
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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Hahaha, good and funny Aurora ^_^
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