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Ozoneocean at 11:11AM, Feb. 6, 2007
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Aurora Moon made this story as part of a writers challenge we had going in the art and Lit forum a while ago.
Aurora Moon
It was the worst thing to ever possibly happen.

In fact, She would rather be hunted by a bunch of troops and suffering from a serious hangover than this!

Pinky was stranded together on a deserted island with CC.
What's more, the moment CC realized what had happened she certainly didn't waste any time talking to pinky as if she was the boss and pinky the lowly rookie.

Pinky certainly didn't appreciate being spoken to in such a manner.

“Hey, start a fire and I'll go forge for food!” Pinky mimicked CC's earlier command earlier. She then spoke in her normal voice, “ Blah, who does that bitch think she is? My feet are killing me so much, and I haven't even found a single bit of scrap wood for the fire..”

Pinky was walking back to the place where CC told her to build a fire. And the only thing she had to show for it was a bunch of leaves, which certainly wasn't very good materials to start a fire.

“would make nice bedding though.” She thought out loud.

Pinky breathed a sigh of relief as she finally got to sit down, resting her feet. She looked around for any signs of CC. “Where the hell is she? It couldn't take that long to look for food.”

She then looked over at CC's backpack. “I wonder if she has a cigarette lighter in there… I wouldn't be surprised, considering her bad habit of smoking those long drags…”

She moved over to the bag, and opened it up. She browsed though the contents, and pulled out an case of colored pencils. She put that aside, and then kept on browsing until she pulled out an ciggerate lighter.


She then went to build an campfire. after five minutes, it was done and now pinky was attempting to get the leaves to catch fire, but without some wood, it wasn't any good at all.

She then looked over at the case of colored pencils, and then had an strange yet workable idea.
She pulled out some pencils, mostly the shades of reds, blues and purples.

She then arranged it on the campfire, and then lit it up with the cigarette lighter.

within a few minutes, the campfire was now blazing.

CC walked back to the spot, carrying a stick that had a couple of big fish on it.

“Well, pinky did you get the fire started…?” CC called out as she walked back.

“Did you get the food?” Pinky's voice called back.

Pinky and the fire came into CC's view, and CC couldn't help but feel a little bit impressed. Pinky didn't seem the type to even know how to start a fire, being an air headed city girl and all.
In fact, CC had actually expected to have to start a fire herself after she got back from fishing, that is, if pinky even found any good dry wood to burn.

CC just held up the fish for pinky to see, and then put the stick over the fire for the fish to start cooking.

CC then sat down next to pinky. “So I see you were able to start a fire after all. I didn't think you had it in you.”

Pinky just shrugged. “Well, I was able to despite the lack of any spare twigs lying around..”

CC looked at pinky strangely. “What did you use for the fire?”

Pinky held up the case of large colored pencils, causing CC to gasp.

“You used my colored pencils?!” CC yelled, starting to get upset. “Those cost me 23 American dollars!”

Pinky let out a whistle. “That much, huh? well, for that price it sure gives us a nice fire… but honestly, you could had easily gotten colored pencils at any store for five dollars. you got ripped off.”

Any good opinion she had of pinky was now completely lost.
CC growled, and slapped pinky. “How dare you use my pencils like that without consulting me!”

Pinky looked back at CC in shock. “How dare you hit me?!”

With that, the lone island was filled with the sound of the two rivals fighting…

–The end!
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