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Read any good comics lately?
teddibaer at 11:21AM, June 10, 2008
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Suggest a good DDCWE here. You know, something to keep us entertained while waiting for the main comic. Something that you found that would be a shame for us to waste time bumbling through the internet to find. Because when the tubes are filled…

Please don't be tacky and suggest yourself. We'll know. Beg for attention, yes, but don't boast.
Instead, advertise Glarg's chexy alien bodice, or Ocka's progressive art and plot (save the kittens!), or even Rina-chan's cute but nearly nonexistent artwork. If you let them know they are appreciated, maybe, just maybe, they'll do work.

Yes, I am so expecting you to say something about me.
Have you noticed that I'm taking over this forum?
Nobody gets lonely like a teddy bear.
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Evil_Snuffkin at 5:57PM, June 30, 2008
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Check out Dante's Hellfire. Nuff said.
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