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teddibaer at 11:12AM, June 10, 2008
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I had a “Battle Plans” thread that was effective until people died on the internet- you know what I mean. Anyway, let's restart by announcing what events we are planning or suggestions of what we can do. Suggestions reminiscent of LARP events? Yeah, I'd hit that (with my furry fists).

Upcoming Events in “Hair on Fire”
-White Hole exhibits unexpected/unauthorized powers
-Dinosaurs. And explosions. (fuzzyrobot's suggestion)
-March on Rosencron (with said dinosaur)
Later, I will attempt to write a story on the Riot Rangers formed in “Battle Plans”.
Said Riot Rangers are open to doujinshi.

-attack the warehouse
-steal a laser cannon
-unleash a mutated experiment on the city
-go to the store to get some milk
-play “King of the Hill” by declaring ownership from nearby building slightly larger and more prolific than Rosencron
-Build a flying death machine
-kidnap small woodland animals to operate small, animal-type mecha
-grow a ridiculously big moustache
-change your Russian-sounding name to something foodlike or from a Beatles song
_Sorry, I just got the Sonic Mega Collection.
Have you noticed that I'm taking over this forum?
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